Tips to Re-power your boat. Here are a few for the next time you may want to repower your boat. One of the first things you may want to check is your transom. If your motor needs replacing there is a chance your transom needs some work as well. A quick way to check is to pull up and down on the motor, if there is any flex you need to have someone look at it. Even if you feel the transom is solid it would be smart to have a service shop check it for you. The next thing you want to do when you’re looking to re-power your boat is to check the rating sticker. This plaque or sticker tell you the horse-power your boat is rated for. You should never exceed the horse-power rating on your boat. This could lead to damage to the boat and fines from local law enforcement. The next thing to look for with your project is controls and gauges. Most major brands of motors have their own controls and cables. They also have different gauge packages. Some gauges are usable with more than one brand of motor, but for the most part controls and cables are brand specific.  Once you have picked a brand of motor like a Yamaha outboard. You should take what you have learned and share it with a service or sales team. At that point you and the people you are working with can come up with the best plan of action for your repower. When you get the right power behind you, it will give you your friends and family the power to have the most fun on the water. Whether its offshore fishing, flats fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, or just having fun on the water.